Kuzhalmannam Agraharam

Kuzhalmannam Agraharam

               ... A Kerala Iyer Palakkad Gramam
Kerala Iyer Palakkad Gramam
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Welcome to Kuzhalmannam Gramam ( Coyalmannam Agraharam )

Coyalmannam Agraharam, a kerala iyer Tamil Brahmin gramam is one among agraharams (gramams) of Palakkad district. This site tells you more about this Agraharam, the residents of this Agraharam, the gramam temples and associated festivals.

The residents of this Agraharam are mainly Tamil Brahmins, commonly called as kerala iyers who migrated from Tamilnadu more than 300 years ago. Read the article on Kerala Iyer History to have a more information on this.

In April 2004, the temples of this agraharam were renovated and a Kumbhabhishekam was conducted in a grand way. Also a new chariot used for Ratholsavam (Car Festival) is also is made. Metal covering of the main Sreekovil area has been completed. Presently an initiative has been taken to construct a guest house cum common function hall.

In the year 2005, a new Pallakku was made to be used in the regular palanquin procession associated with Uriyadi Ratholsavam and associated festivals of this agraharam. As usual the yearly Navarathri - Uriyadi Ratholsavam was celebrated in a grand way.

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