Kuzhalmannam Agraharam

Kuzhalmannam Agraharam

                                      ... Mahaganapathy (Pillayar) Temple
Kerala Iyer Palakkad Gramam
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MahaGanapathy Temple

MahaGanapathy occupies a significant place and he is involved before any undertaking. He is remover of all misfortunes.

Situated at the outskirts of the agraharam, the temple is facing east. In front of the temple, there is a huge tank called pillayarkulam.

The Sreekovil wears an elegant look. The basement is granite. The Sreekovil doors are quite beautiful.



Ganapathy Temple - Kuzhalmannam Agraharam

Here Vinayaka Chathurthi is celebrated every year with Abhishekam and special poojas in August/September.

The main offering is Modakam and Neiappam. Breaking of coconut is another offering.

Every devotee has his own experience about the blessings of the lord. This Pillayar has saved many devotees from unmitigated sorrow situations. Many of our villagers who have settled in distant places use to come here to perform their offerings and they consider him as their Ishta Devata.

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