Kuzhalmannam Agraharam

Kuzhalmannam Agraharam

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About Kuzhalmannam Agraharam

Kuzhalmannam, the land of black palms, greenery of paddy fields, temples and colorful festivals, is just 12 km from Palakkad. National Highway and closeness to Palakkad town makes Kuzhalmannam a rapidly developing place. Buses to all important destinations are passing via Kuzhalmannam.

The derivation of the name Kuzhal-mannam is based on the story that Lord Srikrishna played his flute softly standing at this place once upon a time(In Malayalam 'Kuzhal' means flute and 'Mannam' means slow).

Kuzhalmannam Agraharam is just 2 kilometers from Kuzhalmannam NH junction. The Agraharam can be conveniently reached from NH junction by auto or taxi. The nearest bus stop is Periyapalam on the Kuzhalmannam-Kottayi road. There are 75 houses in this Agraharam consisting of three rows-'Double street' and 'Single street'.

Tamil Brahmin who migrated from Thanjaore and other areas established a number of Agraharams in Palakkad district. One such Agraharam is Kuzhalmannam Agraharam. This Agraharam and the temples are supposed to be 300 or more years old. Formerly many of them own landed properties. There were many Vedic scholars, musicians and educationalists in this Agraharam. The economic depression after Kerala Land Legislation saw vast emigration of Brahmins from here to elsewhere in India in search of jobs to sustain themselves. Due to Land Reforms Act the Temple lands were also lost.

Temples of Coyalmannam Gramam, Palakkad

There are three temples in this Agraharam.

These Grama devatas are the guardian deities of this Agraharam. It is the belief of the people here that the deities in these temples give maternal wealth, promotion in service, all around prosperity, peace and consolation.

The day to day affairs of these temples and conduct of festivals are managed by an elected committee. For annual festivals the committee use to send letters of invitation to the villagers who are settled in different places of India and abroad. Many use to visit the Agraharam either to attend the festivals or to offer their prayers.

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